Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bans Beach Resort

We booked our Boracay stay in Bans Beach Resort.
I found it through (check out this site, it's very helpful). I also asked around about it and learned that it was one of the cheapest places with a beach front location.
Syempre, I wanted a beachfront cottage.

Bans is a cute little group of cottages. It's actually located in station 1, but it's almost on the border of station 2. So it has a really great location, very near D'mall and my favorite place in the island: Bom Bom Bar.

Since it was off-season, we got our fan-room cottage for the very low price of P900 a night. Somewhere on the web you might read that it costs P600 but with the tax and other fees, it totals P900. Still, not bad, to think that it comes with a complimentary breakfast! Don't get too excited though, wait till you see it.

We were lucky enough to get cottage no.1.

It was at the very front were we had a great view of the beach and the people passing by. But let me just remind you that this is a place for the budget concious. You'd be out of your mind to expect a minibar and hairdryer. Here's what we found in our cottage.

On the mini balcony:

2 bamboo chairs
1 bamboo table

Inside the room:

1. 1 queen sized bed
2. 1 single bed
3. sheets and pillows with faint stains
4. a mirror and desk
5. a closet
6. a Millano Gold electric fan.
(This fan is special, it has four speeds: 1/2, 1, 2, and 3. No kidding.)
7. an ugly little painting on the wall
8. cheap fuschia curtains
9. a bible (They thought we were evil. I blame Ezra's monobrow.)

Queen-sized bed for me, the queen.

And a single bed for Ezra, the single. Hahaha!

"Hello, room service? Bakit ang baboy ng kwarto namin? Kasi baboy kami? Ok, thank you."

Then, I checked the bathroom.

1. a little white sink
2. a little white toilet
3. no hot and cold shower. just a shower.
4. a mirror
5. 3 little bars of Bans soap
6. 2 towels

Pretty much the basic stuff, right? So there were a few warps on the walls and closets and the bathroom lock was broken, but we didn't care. We hardly spent any time in there anyway.

A few more things about Bans:

They don't change sheets regularly.

If with the other resorts they do it automatically every morning, at Bans you may have to approach the front desk and ask for it.

The staff are very friendly. Yes, the Ates and Kuyas were very accomodating even if they'd throw us suspicious looks once in a while for coming home at 7 in the morning.

There's a Greek bar beside it.
It's callez Zorba's.
We never got the chance to try something from their menu, but this is where guests at Bans claimed their free breakfast. The staff, in all fairness were also friendly, but the breakfast...

What's this?!! Nicole Richie can eat this and still get hungry!

See that little serving of corned beef? That's the better choice over one piece of vienna sausage or one little piece of longganisa. Then you can choose what drink to swallow the whole thing with, coffee or juice.

All in all, we think Bans isn't bad. I would definitely stay there again in case I don't save up enough money for Boracay Regency. Haha! This place holds a lot of memories for me and Ezra.

Roll montage with music: us jumping up and down inside the cottage when we first entered...Ezra doing push-ups before leaving the laughing till we collapsed...passing out after drinking Couple Punch...Ezra walking around in his underwear...waking up at 2am for a gimmick...

Fade out. The end.


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