Monday, September 11, 2006

Boracay in August

The rainy weather didn’t even make me think twice about going to Boracay during this season. I needed a break really badly, and I didn’t care if it was raining as long as it was sand and water in front of me, instead of my office computer.

Having almost only two weeks to arrange my vacation. I submitted my leave form, booked my flight through Air Philippines, the place; Bans Beach Resort and tagged along my “kaladkarin” officemate, Ezra.

So off we went to the place now fondly called Boradise. Cheesy, I know.

Ez and I didn’t go straight to Kalibo though, we landed in Iloilo first since I wanted to visit some relatives along the way. So we took a roadtrip from Iloilo to Antique to Aklan.

Due to the Habagat winds, the Caticlan port was temporarily closed, we were asked to transfer to Tabon port, just a short drive or tricycle away. It wasn’t raining when we arrived at the port, but it was kind of gloomy. That is why instead of heading straight for the beachfront, the ferry boat dropped us off at the back of the island. There, we found tricycles lined up, charging P100 for a “special” ride to any resort. The “non-special” ride means filling up the tricycle jeepney-style, in which case passengers split the cost.

The ride seemed to take forever, because I was itching to see the beach already. And the fact that the backroads of boracay looked like UP Village didn’t help my anxiousness either.

Finally, we got down, walked as fast as we could towards the beach and just as I saw a glimpse of the white, powdery sand, it sank: TANGINA NASA BORACAY AKO!!!

Ezra, such a gentleman, left me behind. He just dropped his bags, ran towards the water and twirled under the sun. He also got on his knees and kissed the sand…a must for Boracay newcomers, we were told. He really had no intention of hiding the fact that he was a big, fat, Boracay virgin.

And so our adventures began.

Too bad, no amount of words can capture the excitement we experienced during the 5 days and 4 nights we were there, but I’ll be sharing snippets nonetheless. Prepare to get very, very jealous.


Joey said...

boracay is perfect for cousins, who, tired from the boring town of bugasong, go to to have fun, shop at the talipapa and ride banana boats in. whatever happened to whenlife was simpler?!

maia** said...

ate denise!

hahaha. i miss boracay. shit, haven't been there for the longest time. haven't seen you guys for ages too. boo.

damn, i'm jealous. :p

Anonymous said...
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