Friday, October 20, 2006

While You Were Sleeping

Everyone does it. I'm talking about the evil habit of taking pictures of someone while he or she is asleep. I know it can be irritating or even rude, but when I see someone looking dead in one corner with his or her mouth wide open, I can't help myself. It's just so f*cking funny! Hahaha!

Having said that, I want to share how ezra and I turned this into some sort of war. "Gantihan" so to speak. He falls asleep, I click. I pass out, he snaps away. The result, a collection of the fugliest picures I've ever seen. Now you know, I'm no sleeping beauty.

Okay I started it.Ganti naman agad 'to.Spot his unmistakeble shadow in my picture.

After that traitor called Couple Punch.


First offense, the use of unflattering flash. Second offense, another picture!


All's fair. hehe.


Sometimes I would feel guilty for sleeping.
But the good thing about being on vacation is, whether you're asleep or awake,
you're dreaming.

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