Friday, December 18, 2009

Les Gribouillages

Once a week, I hang out with a group of friends to learn "the language of love": French. To help me remember those beautiful-sounding but oh-so-complicated phrases, I made some doodles (les gribouillages) of the words we've been learning.:-D

During one class, Pauline, our French friend and teacher showed us how to make Rataouille and it was délicieux! Check out the recipe above.

PS: If my doodle looks weird, it's because I usually write from right to left. (It's my left handed thing.) The recipe is so simple but so yummy and it's all vegetables (legumes)! Try it out! Amusez-vous! :-)


i'm an island girl said...

i love it! :) je l'aime! but i think Boracaynon is the language of love... hahaha :)

Sun Dei said...

haha! then we will have to learn it too! :-D