Monday, February 22, 2010

I Heart Postcards

People have been telling me to turn some of my photos or illustrations into postcards. I definitely love the idea. I just want to find a good printer and nice quality of cardboard before I do. Meanwhile, I browsed through my postcard collection and pulled out some of my favorites, just to share them here.

Looking at postcards is fun but receiving them is just sweet!
Make me happy, send me one! :-)

from Katrina, South Africa

from Apol and Sam, Japan
from Thea, Singapore

from Jof ( her own design), Manila

from Ate Data and Kuya Benc, Australia

from Ate Data and Kuya Benc, Australia


Anonymous said...

Me too!
What's your address? I'll send you one..or two :-)

Sun Dei said...

Teacher Aia! Hello! I'll pm you my address. Thanks for dropping by. :-)