Monday, April 19, 2010


Even before I came to this island, I already heard about a certain group of people called Bugsay Boracay. They are a Dragon Boat team, correction, THE Dragon Boat team that brought pride and fame to the island after winning competitions here and abroad.

As I watched my first Dragon Boat festival last year, I felt the weight and intensity of the race on the island. I actually found myself cheering like crazy on the shore with the rest of the residents and tourists. We were in our island version of world cup fever.

Funny thing is, this year, I will be shouting as part of the team.

Just a week ago, Bugsay fell short of a lady drummer / signal woman. They needed someone with a loud, commanding voice who can hold the team's focus and keep them in rhythm. Why they thought I would do is beyond me. Anyway, I said yes. Hehe.

After all, this is a 10 year old team, with seasoned paddlers and I should count myself lucky for being a part of them. I did think that they needed me for the women's team, but then I was made one of the boys (story of my life). Haha! Training has been really fun so far. After a week of twice-a-day practice, i have lost my voice and my throat and mouth hurt. Still, I'm psyched.

I'm not a rower, I guess I'm a roar-er. And it's a great responsibility. I am hoping that I do a good job and that I help the team win. Just to make sure, I have kept a vow of silence and have become quite anti-social to avoid using my voice. I've been chugging down a lot of ginger tea and have been counting and counting paddle strokes in my head.

The team has worked really hard and I believe we're strong. It's all up to the universe now. :) The Boracay Dragon Boat Festival will be this April 22-24, please, please pray for us! I can't wait to start roaring!

Attention! Ready, Row!!!

Boracay Dragon Boat Festival
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Anonymous said...

CONGRAAAAAATS! :D And good luck!

- bia

Sun Dei said...

Why hello there Bia! :D Thank youuu so much! :D

Dan said...

Galingan mo, 'te. You are Catwoman, hear you roar...


i'm an island girl said...

Belt it out Dragon woman! :)

Sun Dei said...

Thanks Dan and Nicole! :D hehe.