Monday, April 26, 2010

Silver Surfers

We won! We won! We won!

At the Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival last Friday and Saturday, my team bagged the Silver for the Women's and Mixed (men and women) 500m, Women's and Mixed 300m as well as the Bronze for the Men's 300m.

To say that the race was intense is an understatement. It was crazy, nerve-racking, it was emotional but most of all, it was SO MUCH FUN.
As much as I would like to share the credit for these victories, the times we won were actually the times I wasn't drumming. Isn't that funny? :)

That's me, looking like one of the guys. I should really stop hanging out with them.

I was on the boat a total of 3 times. On my first heat (race), we were up against The Guardians (a bunch of gym nuts) and Fleet Marines, I repeat - MARINES. The Bugsay guys were so nervous, they were fidgety, they had trouble concentrating. We were hardly settled in the boat when BANG! - the gun fired. All of a sudden I could hear myself screaming like there was no tomorrow. "Power Longs! NOW!!!", "SABAAAYYY!" , and a lot of other rowing terms. Unfortunately, we lost that heat and the chance to go straight to the semifinals. I also got my first scolding from the Pacers (guys in the first row) who told me I shouldn't have commanded this and said that. Whoops.

That's us on the second row, getting creamed by the Marines and in a close tie with the Guardians.

Anyhoots, we got another chance to make it to the semifinals via Repassage, where we go up against other teams that didn't make their first race. This time, we beat them all. I clearly remember shouting: "We're ahead by one boat! GOOD JOB! Keep Goiiiiing!!!" And THAT felt really, really good. I could hear the crowd from the shore screaming, the guys had fire in their eyes and the boat just cut through the water like I was on a backward roller coaster.

We crossed the finish line and the guys raised their paddles as I unconsciously raised my drum stick in the air and screamed. Yeah, medyo OA, but really, I didn't mean it. It was the adrenaline.

I wish I could end my post here, but I just have to tell what happened next. We made it to the semis but lost again. The next day, for the 300m race, Coach asked me and the other drummer to take a rest and leave the drumming to him since the 300m is a tighter and more crucial race. And so on the 2nd day, with coach in command, we placed in all categories, as I once again enjoyed my place on the shore, screaming more comfortably.

The girls that kicked ass. All Bugsay partied in the water after the race.

Coach Jeff with the Bugsay Trophies and Medals. Trophies doubled as alcohol goblets during the party. :)

To the Bugsay team, CONGRATULATIONS! Boom ti ya!

The after party was great. We all got our medals (yes I have one, by default). And as the old timers were telling the newbies, those silvers were worth gold to them considering the fact that majority of the team are newbies and that we didn't train as long as the other teams did. Yup, we did pretty damn well.

So congratulations to us winning those silvers, also making us the most-awarded team! How about that? :)
Next year, I think I'll take a seat amongst the rowers. It looks like fun too. Then maybe with my mouth shut and my arms paddling, we get the gold.

Team standings:

500m Races in the 4th International Dragonboat Festival (Apr 23):

Men's Open - Philippine Army, Fleet-Marines, Guardians & Boracay All-Stars

Women's - Stormy Dragons, Bugsay Boracay, Fleet-Marines, UP DB Team

Mixed - Fleet-Marines, Bugsay Boracay, TriBlades, Stormy Dragons

300m Races in the 4th Boracay International Dragonboat Festival (Apr 24):
Men's Open - Philippine Army, Fleet-Marines, Guardians & Bugsay Boracay
Women's - Stormy Dragons, Bugsay Boracay, Triblades & Fleet-Marines
Mixed - Fleet-Marines, Bugsay Boracay, Boracay All-Stars & TriBlades

Most photos courtesy of Sol & Shari Villagante. To see more Boracay Dragon Boat photos visit:


the laurel leaf said...

AWESOOOOMMMEEE!!!! Congrats! Teach us that raising the stick thing with matching attitude next time you're here!

Sun Dei said...

hehe. will do, pero we have to train twice a day for that. :P