Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Veggie Love - an anniversary

This month of June marks the first year anniversary of me eating my vegetables and consequently, my words. You see, I used to ignore them. I was in a committed relationship with bacon. In fact before moving to this island, my family threw me a Bacon Luau. What? You've never heard of one? Well it's a beach-themed party with bottomless bacon. So there.

But after moving here and meeting a lot of vegetarians and getting introduced to really yummy veggie recipes, I started to enjoy them. Then one day I realized, I wasn't craving meat anymore. Instead, I craved the feeling vegetables gave me: a warm, fuzzy, content but not gross kind of fullness. I also love the fact that vegetables don't bleed when you prepare/cook them. Which is how I discovered the "joy of cooking" , but that's another story. Am I making my mama proud or what? ;P

For those who are curious or planning or need a little push to try the green diet, here are some nice veggie images to inspire you. Who says they're yucky? Not me. No Mama, not me.

1st and last photos and recipes from a beautiful blog called cannelle et vanille.
Give peas a chance print from smilesandsquiggles Etsy shop.
3rd photo of Crunchy Garden Vegetables from La Tartine Gourmande's Flickr stream.
Autumn print from anek's Etsy shop.
Adorable Tomato print from Stockton's Etsy shop.
Cute carrot earrings from gneework's Etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

Dan Ramon P. Geromo likes this

i'm an island girl said...

Yay! Happy anniversary! :) let's plant more veggies!

Anonymous said...

give peas a chance!
Congrats Denise :D I'm still trying and failing, and trying again.

Sun Dei said...

Denise likes that Dan likes this. :)

Sun Dei said...

Nicole! Thanks! We're going strong you know :D yeah more veggies! All the veggies in Bahay Kubo!

Sun Dei said...

Migs! Congrats pa din for trying. Okay lang yan, slowly but surely. :)