Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lovely Cold Gray Thing - ode to a kitchen appliance

I may never know how I lasted more than a year on the island without a refrigerator. Neither will my mom. Affordable boarding houses on the island rarely come with such luxury. And we, with our humble earnings don't really have the means to buy one. As a result, I spent my life here eating out or buying food that does not need cold storage like bread and canned tuna.

Yeah well, I survived.

Recently though, a friend left for another island and offered to sell me and my housemate Jof her not-so-old refrigerator at a very friendly price. This may sound shallow but it was a wish come true!

Now we have our own ref! Yey! A ref we creatively named Refee -- and I am in love with it. I love the little hum it makes, the way it seems to complete our little beach house, most of all, the possibility of storing all the vegetables, fruits and ice cream we want!

I know it sounds funny but Refee seems to have opened a whole new world of possibility for me and Jof. It's the closet to Narnia. With a ref, now anything can happen. Today a ref, tomorrow the world. Those are our thoughts, I don't know how else to explain.

It just makes me think of the little things we had in our family home that I took for granted. The convenience of having everything you need right there.

If you're like us and live away, what do you miss? If on the contrary you are at home with a rice cooker preparing your rice, a TV in front of you and a washing machine doing your laundry, do us a favor: appreciate these magical little things and consider yourself blessed. :)


Ria said...

MICROWAVE!! I miss eating microwavable popcorn!!

Sun Dei said...

Haha! I feel ya! :D The popcorn they sell with fish crackers and chicharon just don't cut it.