Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 Aug

Something wonderful came in the mail a couple of days ago.
My friend Migs a.k.a. Raven Guerrero sent me postcards of his own artwork. Didn't I say before that I LOVE postcards?!! So that put a HUGE a smile on my face. Thanks Migs!:-D
(And yeah, that girl is or was me, when I used to have red hair and smoke like a chimney)


See Me Everywhere said...

You have a very talented friend! That's gorgeous! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, totally don't mind :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked them :D
that sort of restored my faith in the whole postage system. time to write more letters!
you'll always be the girl who has red hair to me. maski I'm glad you got over the smoking.
keep on living la dulce vida dear sundei!

Isa said...

I love post cards... and polaroids of postcards!

Denise Nicole said...

See me Everywhere...thank you, yes he is a very talented friend. :)

Migs:I loved them! Write more, paint more! :) Sabi nga ni Uncle Shelby, "put something silly in the world that wasn't there before."

Isa, so do I. :)