Monday, October 04, 2010

The Things I Will Always Remember

♥ You, surprising me. Coming for me at the airport under an umbrella with a huge smile.

♥ The private van ride across Kalibo where we were huddled in one corner, not wanting another inch between us.

♥ My house, spic and span, with flowers you so endearingly added as a final touch.

♥ I am lucky and I am loved (by the sweetest, most amazing boy in the world).


Isa said...

aww this is so sweet!

aizkim said...

awww....that is the sweetest thing!

i'm an island girl said...

yiheeeeee!!! :) gugma!

Denise Nicole said...

♪ oh oh oh, the sweetest thing! ♪

Denise Nicole said...

nicole: gugma gyud. :)

Meream said...

Awww! SUper kilig :)do