Thursday, November 11, 2010

Moving With The Cheese

Less than 3 months after posting photos of Roxy (the house that Cee and I rent), I write this post to announce that I am once again moving.

The sudden turn of events in the past couple of months have left me (1) without a housemate and consequently, (2) without a place to sustain by myself. But instead of throwing a tantrum for the sudden change of plans (which I really felt like doing), I waited for what the universe had to offer.

I am immediately reminded of the cute little book "Who Moved My Cheese" which taught me how to deal with sudden changes. After a year in Roxy, Cee and I are (not surprisingly) attached to it in a lot of ways. The chill vibe, the memories, the late night "chickahans"... but as they say in the book: "The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy new cheese."

And my new cheese? Moving with my boyfriend to my dream house on the island. Remember that dream place post last August? :) Yup that one.

So thank you universe. Your ways are kind of wacko sometimes, but still, thank you. I'm happy.

Speaking of happy, you know who's not? My boyfriend's playmates, these three dogs that visit us everyday in his old place. Here's a shot of them sulking as they watched us pack his stuff into boxes. It's heartbreaking, I know.

From Din-iwid beach to Bulabog Beach. From where the sun sets to where the sun rises. How this new cheese will taste, we'll soon find out. In any case, I say a bottle of wine will go well with it. :) Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Roxy will surely be missed but her memories will always be remembered. Cheers to your new home. Housewarming party yo! :)


Denise Nicole said...

aww, thanks bacs! at least you have a new, closer tambayan! yepyep, housewarming party to come! ;P