Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet Marshall!

Everybody, meet Marshall! We just brought him to the island earlier this month and already I have a thousand photos of him! :P We are giddy-crazy-in-love with him and you'll see why.

Our Marshall. :)

He likes chasing towels,

and biting.

He loves the beach

and he's got the cutest, fluffiest behind!




So now, I am starting a Marshall Mondays on my blog, to create a space for all the photos I've taken and will continue to take. This idea was also inspired by the super cute posts of artist Camilla Engman of her dog Morran.

This furry ball of good vibes has turned me into a puppyrazzi. So come by every monday for more Marshall and hopefully the good vibes rub off on you too. :)


Patti said...

So adorable. And nice photos! Next time you bring him to Manila, he should meet Tosh.

i'm an island girl said...

i love you marshall! :)

p.s. that chasing towel photo is soooo nice!

Denise Nicole said...

Hi Patti! Yeah that's a great idea! More playmates in Manila. :)

Denise Nicole said...

Hihi. thanks Nicole. :)