Monday, February 14, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Puppy Love

This day is for love, not only for lovers.
So to everyone with someone to greet, hold, kiss, embrace or smother...
do it.

and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

To the puppy we love to greet, hold, kiss, embrace and smother,
We love you :)


Jo Jaspe said...

i crush your dog, tole! as in! super cute! :D

Mama Wolf said...

awweee too cute! we ♥ you Marshall! don't grow up too fast please ;)

-tita Bacs

Denise Nicole said...

Haha! Thanks Jo :D

Denise Nicole said...

Marshall listen to your tita bacs! :D

Julienne said...

we went to the lazy dog last weekend, and we saw Marshall there.. he was sooo cute! :) he's sooo friendly too! he even wiggled his cute tail to us.. :) will definitely read your blog from time to time to see more pics of Marshall.. Thank you for sharing! :)