Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Summer Rayne Oakes "The Hottest Girl in Green"

The fact that most girls idolize fashion models all the time wouldn't be so bad if the models they look up to were more like Summer Rayne Oakes. Known as the world's first "Eco-Model", Summer has devoted her time to representing environmentally-conscious brands and causes.

A graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and Entomology (yes, the study of insects and bugs), she has worked on programs in aquatic systems, mine reclamation, waste management and sustainable development before applying her knowledge to the fashion industry. Which just kind of happened because she's gorgeous too. ;-)

Aside from being a spokesperson for the environment, Summer runs a Sustainability Innovation Consulting firm as well as an online marketplace for sustainable textile and other materials called Source4Style. In an industry where being green has become a trend, Summer stands out as the real green thing.

Earth lover, Beach lover, bug keeper, Summer Rayne Oakes is one beautiful person who's photos I wouldn't mind posting on my wall (or in this case, my blog).

Check out her site. Or follow her on twitter. :)

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aiz kim said...

never heard of eco-models but sure glad to find there actually is one!!! Cheers for this beauty!