Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The 5th Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival

Boom ti ya! The awesome Bugsay Boracay Team

This morning I woke up thinking that the race is tomorrow. Boy did I feel the knots in my stomach. Then I realized that it's only wednesday (the race is on friday) and feeling just a little relieved, headed to our team's last practice.

After almost 2 months of training, coach says we're ready. Being my first competition as a paddler, I really can't tell. But I believe our team is strong and I'll choose to agree, with passion. :) Coach also said that having the medals is up to us, but for him, we already won. Figuratively AND literally, I'm claiming those golds. :D Team Bugsay, the gold medals are ours!!!

So wish us luck, pray for us or cheer us on. We'll need all the good vibes to propel us forward and beat everyone to the finish line, not to mention beat those darn knots out of our system.

Team Bugsay, let's win this thing! Kaboom!

Click on the link for details of the 5th International Dragonboat Festival.

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