Monday, April 25, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Meeting Shasta

Before anything else, I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Marshall spent his on the beach, making a new friend. She's curious, she's feisty and she and Marshall hit it off right away. So now we'd like you meet this cute little rottie pup: Shasta.

through the forestry trail to a private beach
Marshall excitedly runs towards the shore
where Shasta is waiting.
A few sniffs
and they're friends!
Igor and Shasta following Marshall with his favorite beach toy: coconut husks
which turns into a tug-of-war
and the winner is...!
But the two find another one to share
until the little one gets tired.

Sorry for the late post. But Happy Marshall Monday nonethless, and happy new beginnings to you all. :-D

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