Monday, June 06, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Puppy Swim

Last Saturday, Marshall got to swim to his heart's desire. It was a perfect beach day so we headed to our favorite unspoiled beach. I was so proud that he can swim to the really far and deep parts and look so graceful too.

Nick teaching Marshall to chill and not to save everyone in the water.
Yes, he does that.
Finally, more relaxed and swimming on his own.
Playing around while drying off. I included myself in the photo, see? :)
And after many, many attempts. This is the only shot of us 3 with Marshall looking at the camera. But grrr, it's backlit. Oh well.
Training on the beach, during sunset. Just like Karate Kid. :P
There are so many other photos but I don't have the strength to edit them all. I'm sick in bed right now and Marshall is right by my bedside, guarding me. (He's so lovely!)I hope everyone else is feeling well.

Happy Marshall Monday!

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