Monday, July 25, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Marshall and Manong

Whiskey is Marshall's neighbor and the first dog that Marshall has ever met on the island. 4 years his senior, Whiskey automatically became Marshall's "manong" (older brother). Manong is the official lazy dog of The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast. He's sweet, obedient and loves to entertain people with his accurate and skillful ball catching tricks. A few days ago he taught Marshall to do the same. :) Thank you Manong.

first meeting - Marshall is shy but curious

rough play with Manong on the beach

following Manong around in the garden

oops, they drop Manong's favorite ball in the pool

being a good little brother,
Marshall fetches it for him

the official introduction to Marshall in the neighborhood
true brothers, off to more adventures together :)
Happy Marshall Monday!

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