Monday, August 29, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Muddy Buddy

WARNING: What you are about to see is far from the cute and cuddly Marshall that you know. Prepare to be shocked, grossed out - and then go "awww!" again.

I'm still away in the city. Meanwhile, back in the island, Marshall took off for an afternoon without anyone noticing.

Coming back, everyone saw and smelled the sewage sludge all over his face and body. According to sources he chased them around for a while, proud to show off where he's been playing. I could just imagine the panic and laughter that went on.

And so here he is... the un-cutest Marshall I have ever seen!

by the way... this is already a semi-clean version

you naughty little puppy!

see that content look on his face?

Here in the city, I've seen dogs in shoes or in strollers. I am proud to say that my dog is a REAL dog. Even if it means he's sometimes a dirty, muddy, smelly (but otherwise happy) dog. :)

Happy Marshall Monday everyone!

Thank you Joy Dimabuyo for the photos. :)

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