Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Of Pirates, Photos and Pregnancies

A few days ago, I hopped on the famous Red Pirates Paraw with a group of pregnant women, went to Puka beach and took their photos. 

It was by far the most unexpectedly delightful shoot I've had. 
These 4 women are part of the baby boom happening on the island. It's both interesting and strange seeing 4 friends pregnant at the same time. Sometimes I still can't believe it. One thing's for sure though, when together they make a helluva scene.  And that's why I wanted to take their photos. 

I've never seen pregnant women so radiant and stunning. Then again, these ladies are dragon boat paddlers, yogis, divers and all around active, beach babes. I shoudn't have bought the whole "I'm shy, I don't know how to pose" tale because as soon as I brought out the camera, they owned it. :)

Check out the photos on my photo blog. :) 

To my lovely preggy friends, thanks again for this opportunity
and for being such beautiful (and fun) subjects.


Amanda Virrey said...

Thank you for this wonderful day, Denise! :)

Amanda Virrey said...

Thanks for this wonderful day, Denise! :)

Kimberly June said...

What fun!