Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Island Anniversary - The 4th Year

Today is my 4th Island Anniversary! Yay! And what great timing it is because, just this week, I welcomed an old friend as a new island resident!

It feels almost ceremonial to pass on some island tips to an island newbie as I am celebrating my 4th year. It's just like highschool! So-called wisdom from the senior to the freshman.

My high shchool friend Marge worked for a hotel in Manila and got transferred to it's Boracay branch. So now she's here! She's not sure about staying long, much more staying as long as I have, but we both want her to enjoy this island experience as much as possible!

So the past few days have been lessons in where to eat, where to get the cheapest beers, some Bisaya or Aklanon vocabulary and most of all how to make the most of her time here.

Tip No. 1
The best and cheapest coffee will always be at a friend's place.
(That's my friend Marge enjoying my coffee AND company! hehe.) 

Tip No. 2

Angol - one of the quieter spots on the island and a good place to watch the sunset or spend a day off.

Tip No. 3

This is how to spend a day off. Not watching TV inside the staff house (which some of her officemates do).

The newbie puts on her Puka Shells. An accessory you will spot on lots of locals and residents.

Tip No. 4

Exit Bar - the best bar in the whole island! :)

Tip No. 5

Make friends...

...lots of them.

(Marge you've got some serious tanning to catch up on :P)

Tip No. 6

Dance. Because it's (almost) always ok.

Tip No. 7


Get involved only in discussions, activities and relationships that make you feel good. Because that's what a beach life should always feel like. It may be tough, it may be crazy, but it should always make you feel right.

Should you have a choice, choose good vibes.

Speaking of good vibes. I had a good anniversary day. It started with yoga class, then a yummy homemade brunch, a little work on the side (as it's a weekday), sunset beer and billiards and a skype date. 

But the celebration doesn't end here, I may have a little surprise tomorrow or in the days to come. :)

Happy anniversary to me and welcome to the island, Marge. :)  

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Rose and Notes said...

i envy you! how i wish i could live in boracay too. how did you do that? you really fulfilled your dream to live in boracay.