Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A Long Weekend - Isla de Gigantes

Not so long ago, my girl friends and I had a serious case of island fever and wanderlust. So we decided to go on a trip to a place I only heard of very, very recently: Isla de Gigantes.

Isla de Gigantes (Island of the Giants) - legend has it that giants use to roam these islands after 8ft long coffins were dug up along with ancient earthen ware. Cool, noh?

After 8 hours of road travel, 3 vans, and one boat ride, we found ourselves in a place without cellphone signal, day time electricity or exceptionally tall people. Just friendly, accommodating locals who seem to be content in the simplicity of their lifestyle and who knew all the possible ways one can cook scallops!

I took hundreds of photos, as usual. But for this trip I also made a video, which to conserve space is what I would rather share here. :) Enjoy!

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