Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2 Days in Paris

"Did you plan this?" I said in half amazement and half disbelief. 

We were walking down one of the steep and narrow cobble stone streets of Montmartre when I noticed a man playing the accordion, just outside a quaint corner cafe of an 18th century building, when up ahead I spotted a groom carrying his blushing bride in his arms. I fumbled for my camera and almost bumped into a nice old man in a fancy hat and suit walking with his cane. "Yes," Arnaud joked. "I set this up for you!" 

I knew Paris was pretty. But I didn't expect to find myself in the middle of a movie-like scenario - well more specifically in Montmartre. 

I couldn't close my eyes, and I couldn't stop walking. I didn't even give my body time to feel jet lagged. And because of my lack of recognition of a 10:30 pm sunset, we walked around for at least 8 hours and this was straight after my 12 hour flight. 

I had a great time, I enjoyed my first fresh baguette and coffee al fresco, got to see some of the monuments among other things, but in the end, I didn't mind leaving. 

Paris is awesome and there really is so much to do and see, but it's still a city - hurrying pedestrians, short-tempered drivers, scattered trash and all.

Then there's the tourists. I looked at the hoards and hoards of people with raised phones and tablets and thought, this is one element they conveniently leave out of the movies.

I really didn't want to go where there was a line and didn't want to stay where crowds gathered. So Arnaud and I decided to head out earlier than planned. "Let's go somewhere people don't have photos of yet." I told him. So for now pretty old Paris, Au revoir! These two will be by the coast.

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

The tenacity and determination you have shown in pursuing what you want and what will make you happy - without hesitation nor restraint -is a quality that I can readily identify with. If there is anything you inherited (or acquired or imbibed)from me,aside from the wild and funny imagination,this truly nails it. In fact, the tenacity and determination is the power behind the wild and funny imagination.

And this is what i want you and all your siblings to pursue...whatever will make you happy and fulfilled.

Thus far, you're all on this track,with some moving faster than others. I believe I will see all of you on the fulfillment end line in my lifetime; at least on the first few dreams accomplished.

I am happy for you. I love you.

Al Papacino