Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blown Away

I promised myself I would blog more about my adventures in France. Well, I failed. I found it more convenient to snap photos and share them on Instagram than to spend more time in front of my computer as I already do that for work. I've been busy -  shooting photos and videos and enjoying my trip. So to make up for not blogging, here's a compilation of the events I've managed to keep in my little camera.

Maybe you'll understand how this windy little region swept me off my feet and blew me away. Enjoy watching. 

Blown Away from Denise Tolentino on Vimeo.


Olivier Grandin said...

Hello Denise,

Did you know you're a superstar in Loire-Atlantique ? => http://www.onyourweb.fr/blog/territoires-et-communication-web-les-contenus-generes-par-les-mobinautes-plebiscites-sur-facebook

Denise Nicole said...

Dear Olivier,

Wow! I just saw your message and clicked on the link. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am so honored! I have yet to translate the article and read the rest, but again, thank you!!! Merci beaucoup!!!

Olivier Grandin said...

Dear Denise,

Wow too ! <a href="https://www.facebook.com/onyourweb?ref=hl>On Your Web</a> translated in English ;-) Thanks Thea ! I hope you're fine and everything's ok in Boracay. The answer to your question : "I don't even know how he found it!" is : well, it's a part of my job to find online beautiful creative contents. And that was the case for Blown away ! And I liked it ! Best regards.