Monday, January 16, 2017

Marshall Monday: Wander-Full

For the 3rd year in a row, I decided to celebrate my birthday by exploring a new island. This year, I visited Malapascua. Home to thresher sharks and friendly locals, the island is small enough to traverse on foot. So that is exactly what we did on my birthday. We took a long walk to get to know the island.

No stopovers for selfies, no complaints about being hungry or thirsty, no awkward or uninteresting conversation. 

Marshall - 1, humans - 0.

Sure, I had to stop when some scent distracted him for a second, but he was always happy to trot alongside me in a heart beat. Here are a few photos from our walk and beach swims. 

Just before letting him loose on the beach.

We went past this sand bar and the mangrove area.

We explored Malapascua's little winding roads. 

Then we came upon this cove covered with pretty red leaves.

Marshall made a friend during our sari-sari store stopover.

Then he went to test the water in another cove.

After about a 2 hour walk, my walking buddy is beat. 

But the next day...

Yup, back on the beach. And this time, with followers. :P

The only one who loves lying on the sand as much as I do.


Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. ;)

He looked so happy to be back in the water. :) But, it was time to go. 

Till our next adventure, Marshmallow. Thank you for still being such wonderful and wander-full company.

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