Friday, July 23, 2010

How Not To Sink

This afternoon I detached myself from time
and all things tangible.

I immersed myself in "moments of stillness and dance"
-- in the water.

aware only of my breath
and the weightlessness that overwhelmed me.

I recognized myself without my body

as I twisted, twirled, wriggled, surrendered.
Then a thought came to me. "Why worry? You are here to play."
I was free. I was in bliss.
A child again, wide-eyed, unbound.

Then it was over.
I opened my eyes
and found myself back in my 27 year old body.

But I got my message, my heart was smiling.

I think when the mind and body work too much,
the spirit sleeps.

And when we are still, it wakes up and starts to play.

I realize now that when I let loose in the water,
I understand what it is like to not carry
the weight of the world and at that moment
connect with my spirit.

To my teacher and friend Tom Neff, thank you for the wonderful Watsu experience.

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