Monday, July 26, 2010

Ready, Set, Goals!

How does one be productive, make money, finish personal projects, commit to regular yoga practice, save the environment, have a social life, surf the waves, visit blogs, finish reading lists and relax while getting the laundry done?

I have no idea. But there are countless things going on in my head right now and 20 of them need to be done soon. Goodluck to me!

I thought I left multi-tasking in the city but hey, it's not so bad when 90% of the things you have to do are things you CHOOSE to do. :)

Just like joining Susannah Conway's August Break which I'm super duper excited for. :)

So here's to just doing it and getting things done (while having fun). And if anyone out there is a genius at time management, suggestions are most welcome. :)

Photo taken January 2009
Jof on the way to Puka Beach.

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