Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Sunday + weekend project

woke up to love

beach run with Marshall

lazy breakfast, lunch and dinner at The Lazy Dog Bed and Breakfast

an afternoon with my paintbrush, putting words of good vibes on our wall.

I wish all Sundays could feel like this. :)

* * *

The inspiration came from the beautiful typography of this lovely video series by EF International Language Centers



Right now, the photos are actually postcards. But I will transfer them somewhere else and put real photos in their place. :)

Hope you all had a happy sunday. :)


i'm an island girl said...

wheeeeee! :) paint my wall too haha :D nice denise!

happy girl ink said...

i super love love this one! i'm inspired! i'll add more to the studio. I'll show you too! ;) nice one cee!!! :)