Monday, February 28, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Marshall and the Gang

Marshall is a super friendly puppy who will approach any dog/cat/bird/chicken. But his closest friends are fellow beach dogs in the neigborhood. Meet some of them. :)

Whiskey - the first island dog to meet Marshall, and living just next door, is also Marshall's most frequent visitor. Also a Golden Retriever at 4 and a half years old, we refer to him as Manong (older brother). He makes it easy to imagine what Marshall will look like in a few years.

Spice - this 7 month old chocolate lab is Marshall's wrestle buddy. We take Marshall to him to burn off all his puppy energy. They do a god job at exhausting each other after an hour of friendly chasing and biting.

Champ - is one of the fastest, and highest-jumping dogs I've ever seen on the island. Marshall can't keep up with him yet, but he tries. Oh he tries.

SueƱo - at 11 years old, is the oldest dog Marshall has ever met. This dog has traveled around the world, so I guess a puppy like Marshall doesn't excite hime anymore. Marshall likes taunting him anyway and follows him around like a little child tailing a grumpy old man.

Then of course, there are the strays on the beach.

And they all love to run!


Anonymous said...

ahaha marshall madness. Cool pics, keep up the good work, love the blog and the good vibes ;)

i'm an island girl said...

I love this! :)