Monday, April 11, 2011

Marshall Mondays: The Vet Visit

Last Saturday, Marshall and I went to visit the vet. No worries, it was only for his monthly Frontline (anti-flea) and heartworm prevention medication. It's not his first vet visit, but it's the first time I attempted to document it. Just another day in the life of this awesome, awesome dog.

peeking out the trike

i get a kick out of his vet clinic's name :)

saying hello to doc and getting an inspection

being a good boy and taking his meds

walking around like he owns the place

two doggy friends at the vet

group hug :)

And that was it! Verdict is, at 5 months, he is now 20 kilos (you read that right) and is a healthy and beautiful puppy! Isn't that nice to know? :)

Happy Marshall Monday! :-D

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