Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Like Your People

As an illustrator, I believe it is so important to have a distinct style. Apart from color schemes, textures and lines, I think style comes out the most in the way one draws people. And this, is one thing I haven't accomplished...yet, and thus is one of my ultimate frustrations.

Even if I have been doodling and drawing caricatures all my life, I find that my characters change, I can never decide if I want them small and round or tall and lanky, with or without noses/cheeks/detailed hands...etc. *Sigh* I bet I sound weird to you, especially to those who don't draw. But such are the concerns of a mildly obsessive illustrator like me. :)

Friends advice me to keep sketching and eventually the characters will develop, my sisters disagree with me and say I actually do have a certain style. I guess I'm just still not satisfied. They say an artist or illustrator's characters are a reflection of themselves (yes, kind of narcissistic), so I guess I should just take a closer look at myself and um... be happy with it. :)

Meanwhile, let's take a look at the characters of some of my favorite illustrators. The simplicity and personality of their people inspire me so much. I hope one day, I can create people as interesting as theirs.

Jacob Muñiz

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