Monday, June 27, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Walk With Me

Today Marshall is inviting you to take his morning walk with him. Let's go! :)

Uh-oh, straight for the water.

Then with his new favorite toy (a doggie disc),
he says hello to kids in the neighborhood.

"Marshall in the Middle" - their favorite game.

Break. Someone's got to do his business (discreetly)

And after I pick it up, he's off chasing little crabs on the shore.

Then one last dip.

And he's one happy and wet puppy. :)

Thanks for joining us. We'll be here again tomorrow morning if you want to play.
Happy Marshall Monday!


Jai said...

I followed your blog because of Marshall Mondays. Ehe. He's so adorable!

Denise Nicole said...

Aww, yes he is! Thanks Jai!