Monday, September 05, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Missing the Marshmallow

It's now been a month since I last saw Marshall. You might be tired of hearing how much I miss him. Hehe. Lately though, I've been haunted by another thought: What if Marshall doesn't remember me anymore? He's a sweet dog and he will approach anyone with affection, but what I've been worrying about is what if he doesn't greet me, recognize me or get excited about me like the way he used to? Ouch. :(

Good thing I googled it and found out that people can be gone for months, even years and their dog would still know who they are and love them the same way. Freakin' best news I've heard in days! Phew! :)

So once again, excuse me as I reminisce "Marshall and me" moments and send love and good vibes to my baby back in the island.

Pinching the puppy cheeks

Training him to sit

and walk on leash.

Walking down White Beach (when we could get away with it).

Playing around in Puka Beach.

One of those fine mornings. :)

Sharing breakfast, sunshine and a hug a few days before leaving.

I will be away from Marshall for 2 more weeks, which means I won't have any new photos. And when I do get back, I need to return the camera I've been using to its rightful owner. So a little heads up, this MAY be the last Marshall Mondays post.

Until I figure out other ways to capture Marshall and share him with you,
the following Mondays may feel a little less exciting.:-(

BUT, feel free to visit and go back to your favorite posts every time you miss him. That's what I do. :-)

All photos except for the last, taken by Nick Brown.


embracing tadhana said...

why dont you have a few lovely people take pictures of marshall for you while youre away :) i would if i was home!

Pia said...

i love your blog denise :)

Denise Nicole said...

Dencio, yeah I thought of that. But I can't expect people to take Marshall out and follow him around, the way I do. :)

Denise Nicole said...

Hi Pia. Thank you :)

belle said...

I bet he misses you a lot too denise! :-)