Monday, September 12, 2011

Incredible India

On Thursday, I leave for a 10 day trip to India. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am, how much I'm looking forward to this and how much I NEED this escape.

Focusing my thoughts and energy on this trip has kept me from sinking into anger and sadness. I will not allow anything to ruin this trip, not even the expected torrential downpour. (Oh yes, I've packed an umbrella!) Above is a video of India's latest marketing campaign. I think that it's genius of them to use a tourist's point of view and not the overused montage of sights and traditional costumes. I love the way the guy seems to be clumsy, but has a great time anyway. It does show how fun and spontaneous India can be or is. I want to be him, but not on this trip. Instead, I'll be accompanying my aunt on a touristy trip, visiting the palaces and monuments of Old and New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Still, not so bad noh? Hell no. I'm going to meet India. :)

Rain or shine, I'm going to have an epic time. Being my longest trip outside the country I had to pack a lot of stuff (clothes, toiletries, laptop, camera, medicines, umbrella, books, sketchpad, drawing materials, first aid kit, etc.)! I bet my luggage will be heavier on the way back. :P One thing's for sure though, I will be carrying a lot, but I'm definitely leaving all the bad vibes behind!

See you soon, India. Please make the weather nice for me. :)


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

I want you to experience this truly incredible place and for you to have an incredible time.

You are doing the right thing by leaving the bad baggage behind, since there's no sense carrying around a heavy load when you want to have incredible moments (not necessarily with your aunt and her companions)as a way of reflection and introspection.

Perhaps you will need all that space and time to make a life changing decision, a game changer so to speak. India is just the right place. Lose yourself in it. Rediscover the freedom and independence you sought when you first came to the island, and reinforce it with more determination and purpose.

Three steps are necessary:
1. Know what you want that will make YOU happy.
2. Know what you have to give up to get what YOU want.
3. Just go ahead and do it.

We will support you. I will go along with whatever you decide as long as it will make you happy.

Have an incredible trip.

Denise Nicole said...

That's my dad. :) Thanks Papa, I will. Love you!


You deserve an incredible time! Come back and keep that Happy Factory churning! They say that the path to true happiness is riddled with challenges and lots of surprising twists and turns. At the end of it all, we go back to the "happiest place on earth"! Where? Inside each one of us, that lil thing called our heart. The answers are all there, even if sometimes our mind blurs it out for a bit.

Goodluck on your adventure which will lead you back to your happy, empowered self!

Your Kids Ahoy family and friends are all rooting for you, D!

Anonymous said...

Nicole!!! Have a lovely time. And I love this video! If this was you, I want to be the one you're writing to! Haha! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Hugs from Italy :)