Monday, September 19, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Even in India

Because she misses Marshall Mondays, my friend Yuyu, sent me this photo:

Isn't that so cute? It's so cute I want to cry! :D Looking at this I thought: Marshall has a photo wrapped in a towel somewhere! So I searched my archives, but all I found was this:

and this:

Haha! Not exactly your proper India wardrobe.

Marshall sure is finding ways to keep him on my mind, not just through my friend's post, but through every dog I see here in India. There are a lot of stray dogs and they share the streets with cows. It's quite amusing. But posts about India are to come. I just wanted to share the photo Yuyu made with you. Because she missed Marshall Mondays, she gave me a reason to create one. Thanks Yuyu!

Happy Marshall Monday!

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RoxyC said...

We terribly miss Marshall :'( Please bring Marshall Mondays back *sniff* *puppy eyes*

We look forward to Mondays partly because of Marshall Mondays. Oh, the joy that your posts about Marshall bring to us! (It's as if he's ours too! Haha, sorry if feeling close and nakiki-Marshall! My cellphone wallpaper is one of his photos I downloaded from this site:)

With so much love from Marshall's friends in Manila,
Roxy and Carlo