Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Wonderword: Move

Move in, move out, move on - these are the ways we transition through life's many stages. It's never really easy. It may be tough to let go, it may be scary to face the unknown but if you don't keep turning the page, you may find yourself stuck in one chapter longer than you want to be.
I've given myself time to grieve, time to look inside myself and figure out the billions of thoughts floating around like mad in my head. I've allowed my family and friends to offer comfort and give love. I've opened myself to sadness, fear, sentimentality and hurt. And now I'm done.
Dwelling in the past does nothing. Focusing on the words said and the bad vibes caused, does nothing. I know that if I want something to happen, I have to start moving. And that's what I've been doing since I got back on the island. It's all about moving; to a new home, on the mat, on with work, accepting invitations, going along with friends etc. I'm glad the island I was afraid and hesitant to come back to welcomed me back with open arms and has made the transition easy, even convenient. I'm grateful to be welcomed back by real friends who have known me a long time and know better than to listen to silly stories and twisted tales. And I am overwhelmed by my family and other friends. They are my bottomless source of support, strength and cheer. Together they've made it easier for me to keep going.
If you don't like where you are, if things don't feel right. I say get off your ass and start moving, turn those immobilizing thoughts off and let the heart lead.
Cheers to a new month, a new adventure, a new chapter! :)
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i'm an island girl said...

Yay! :D Big Cheers to moving on! :)

Dane said...

During times like these, it is all about your friends. But careful, make sure its about your REAL friends. You will rise above it all and see, that you are better off moving on.. XXX

Anonymous said...

Ui kumusta India? Sulatan mo 'ko ng kwento :)