Sunday, October 16, 2011

Marshall Mondays: Marshall and the Beach

The 2 things I missed most while I was away.
So what a happy day it was when I was able to spend my Saturday afternoon with Marshall in quiet Puka Beach.

You won't believe how big Marshall has grown. I can't! He's a little over 30 kilos now and will be turning 1 year late this month. He still behaves like a puppy,
but when I ask him to sit still for a photo, he's patient with me. :)

"Can I play now?"

"How about now?"


"Pretty please, mommy?!!"

Ah now there's the money shot.

Ok, Marshall, now you can play.

Happy Marshall Monday everyone!
This post is especially dedicated to Roxy and Carlo.
Thank you for your touching letter. :)

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