Saturday, May 26, 2012

Excuse Me While I Learn to Teleport

and so it begins…

that kind of relationship that people define by the physical space between a couple. BUT, I decided I don't want to use THAT term here. 

Because this is also the kind of relationship that makes every sent message so valuable. The kind of relationship that makes every call so dear (and by that I also mean expensive!). The kind of relationship that makes you stay up wayyy past your bed time just to hear about someone's day - and you wouldn't end yours any other way. The kind of relationship where typed words carry the comfort, tenderness and love that a touch, kiss and embrace brings. And so reading them makes your heart swell and fills you up with so much happiness that your lips stretch into the biggest smile. It's the kind of relationship where I cherish every moment that I hear his voice and see his face, I cherish it so much that I attempt to preserve it with a command+shift+3. 

That is how I would rather define this, this exciting, beautiful thing. Not by the gap, not by the distance. Anyway, I was never good at geography, and right now, it doesn't mean a thing to me. :)

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