Monday, June 04, 2012

Marshall Mondays: Long Time No See!

Returning to the island, this is how I greeted almost everybody and how they greeted me. But when I saw Marshall, all I could say was "Hey, Buddy! Yes, yes, I missed you too!" Over and over again. I couldn't think of anymore things to say as he was hyper, jumping and crying at the same time. (I actually wish I took a video).

As soon as he was out he took my wrist in his mouth and led me to the beach. I spent last wednesday, thursday and friday afternoon with him. It was so much fun. I hope I get more time with him this week. :) Some snapshots from our afternoons:

Super excited! I got sand all over my face :)


Yes buddy, I'm right here. No need to keep checking on me. :)

 Ok, harutan mode!

 Sitting on a parked boat while Marshall swims around.

 I asked him to pose by the penguin. :)

How we "walk." Me on the shore while Marshall splashes around in the same direction. :)

Yey! It's nice to be back, and nice to be back with Marshall.
'Til our next walk, Happy Marshall Monday!

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Nena said...

Marshall is so big now!! So happy reading your blogs! :) Good vibes!