Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Limits

A travel magazine asked me to do a short essay about my life in Boracay or why I chose to move and stay here. I must admit I had a pretty hard time. I was asked to write 400 words yet the story I wanted to tell left me rambling on for... (drumroll please!) 1,025 words - and more, because I was only halfway through.

It made me realize that I had so much to say and so much to share. The stuff I originally planned to put on this blog, the everyday magic as well as the daily comedies. I am so bad at math that I've been telling people I've been here for almost 3 years. Because of the article I was forced to check and realized I will be celebrating 4 years on the island this September. 4 years! That's like my whole high school life, or college degree. You know how many stories and anecdotes 4 years hold?!! But, how time flies. In school terms, 4 years would mean a graduation, a completion, a moving on.

But I'm not done, yet. I've learned a lot but I'm still in love with the island. No matter how many tears, injuries, hassles and inconveniences living here has caused me, it's all part of the adventure. And at the end of the day, all the "not-so-good" is always overpowered by all the love and blessings and good vibes this island gives.

That's why right now I am happy. So happy I want to explode! There are so many great things going on: big and interesting clients, our postcard project on the go, I'm back to my Watsu training plus a couple more BIG things in the works. Then, there is LOVE. That alone is enough to make me burst out the door and sing and high-five and hug people along the way. But I won't, because it scares them. (I meant the bursting out the door.) :P 

Does love attract good things or do good things attract love? Maybe it's both. It should be! All I know is: I'm swimming in a sea of good vibes and blessings, his belief in me inspires me and makes me feel good, and everyday I am given more and more reasons to feel... well, super good!

See? Rambling. 

In the end, I totally rewrote my article (at the last minute, as usual). Still a bit over the word limit pero pwede nang lumusot
and with a prayer sent it out to the editor (a distinguished and mutli-awarded writer and poet) who I was trying so hard  not to disappoint.  I asked for feedback, ready for criticism and revisions but this is what he said:

"Saktong sakto iyong mga padala mo. Mga ganito kaganda sana parati naming mailimbag."

Okay, now I burst out the door. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 

P.S. The article, photos and illustrations I made comes out in September. I will post it once it's on newsstands. :) 


i'm an island girl said...

Yay Denise! :) I feel ya. High five!!! :D

Mary Rose A. said...

denise, i'm reading your blog from newer post to the oldest so expect some comments from me :)

i just really love your blog and i totally agree about the good vibe the island has brought to u and to me too coz i've been there recently for the first time and fell inlove with it. and i'm reading your blog coz i've missed Boracay so much.

i'm excited for your next post. keep them coming :)