Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Freaks and Geeks (Why Halloween in Boracay is So Fun)

Halloween in Boracay is one big, crazy party. Being the first major party after the quiet Habagat season, it's a much-anticipated event. Everyone (well the cool ones) plan, order or make their costumes weeks, days or minutes (depends on how diligent you are) before the evening of the 31st. 

I love it because it's a visual feast. Imagine a packed island crawling with different creatures - colorful, flashy or just plain gory. Every year you have your usual fairies, zombies, the guy in the scream mask, Fred Flinstone, Joker, and the I-just-put-this-together a few minutes ago kind of costume.

The thing about wearing a costume as they say is you can forget about being yourself for awhile. Being in some sort of disguise gives people an excuse to be a little more crazy and reckless… which is the scary part. :)

I have always loved wearing costumes, I enjoy going to themed parties and showing a little creativity and resourcefulness with what I come in. With Halloween, it's no different. Now I'm not the type to take advantage of halloween to look cute or sexy (which to the availability of costumes would be so much easier). I always prefer to be funny or funny scary. Luckily I have someone who is super game for the same kind of costume I want. But working with an equally creative and crazy mind can be hard. It took us HOURS to think of our costume. We would throw ideas at each other during mealtimes, while walking, before sleeping… and nothing grabbed us. We're hard to please. We didn't want anything typical. We wanted something funny, interactive, recognizable by most people, something we shared in our childhood (despite cultural differences)... sounds almost impossible doesn't it?

The idea came during lunch, the day before the party. While finishing our plates of rice and tortang talong. A just blurted it out and I instantly knew it was THE ONE. We immediately went around the island shops to gather our materials and start building it. We had to make it from scratch but we knew it was going to be worth it. :) Oh and it was. But before that, check out some of my favorite costumes that night.

The Bath Sponge (she came with her own bubbles)

Best Execution :) I've seen a lot of Mia Wallaces over the years but not the one with heroin and blood dripping from the nose and the adrenaline shot to the heart. 

Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. I don't know, I just love the design :) 
And now of course, how can I not post OUR costume. Haha!

Tadaaa! Tetris! What do you think? :)

It wasn't the most convenient costume in the world but we loved the idea and so did everybody else! Yay!!! Our costume did get a lot of photos from friends and strangers, it got us free drinks and lots of pats on the back (or should I say pats on the box? :P) Of course everyone kept asking us to "volt in" - which was a bit of a hassle when our "tops" were off and we were drinking - but it was fun to do too, so we didn't mind so much.

We allowed our friends to have a little fun with us.

See, our fronts double as bar tables too. :)

 Due to precise engineering, we can remove our tops and turn ourselves 

into a perfect square.

Unfortunately our costumes didn't make it from our favorite hangout Exit Bar to Area 51 (another bar but in Bolabog) partly because of the inconvenience and partly because a certain wasted Lego man drenched us with water. After a few hours and a few beers, it was game over for the Tetris costume. And so we partied on til morning in our normal clothes. BUT after seeing everyone else's costumes that night, and even if there was a non-existent competition, we the Tetris pieces went to bed telling ourselves one thing - we won. :)  


Mewi Wose said...

cute costume! i was excited to find out what your costume was as i scroll through your blog. that was unique! ... i wish i could meet you in my next visit in bora. i'm one of ur big fan! :D

Denise Nicole said...

Thank you so much Rose! (That's your name, right?) Yes please let me know the next time you're in Boracay, it would be fun to meet up. :)

Kit Cruz | hotel at boracay said...

So coooool! It really looks so fun! Never I tried to go to Boracay during Halloween, now I think I have the reason to.