Monday, February 04, 2013

13 Going on 30

2013 is a big year for me. It's the year I cross over from a decade of crazy-wonderful memories into this obscure and unfamiliar terrain also known as the 30s - which, by the way happened almost a month ago.

It's weird. I of course do not feel a day older. But something about being 30 has created this mix of response from people: ranging from a condolence high five to a welcome-to-the-brotherhood handshake. 

As with all new discoveries, I leave the 30s to the wind and see where it takes me. It is after all, a whole new adventure. 

I know most people feel differently but I had no fear of turning the curve and have absolutely no hang ups about being 30. One, because when I look back on my 20s, I'm proud to say that I did alright. Wait, let me rephrase. I did it all, not all was right. But in the end it was alright. :) 

I have no regrets. Okay, maybe some hairstyles. But looking at my 20s, I just want to give myself a big high five… for risking, for gambling, for loving, for surviving, for taking leaps and falling, for taking chances and finding happiness.
Cheers to a decade of experimentation -

(my hair has examined the color wheel, the platinum one is a wig. ;))

of exploration - to beautiful and memorable places

of exciting and awesome experiences

of falling in love

of making mistakes

and of having the best times with the best company,and finding some of my favorite people in the world. :)

So what do I look forward to for my 30s? 
Maybe none of the hair experimentation, less mistakes but more of the rest.
A lot more of the rest. :)


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Denise,

The 20's is a decade of adventure and exploration and you certainly had a full amount of both. The audacity of challenging norms, daring to be different, the gambles, the losses, the victories, defeats, mistakes, successes,accomplishments, agonies, pain, struggles, and survival are all worth the ecstasy of discovering your strengths and character as a human being. I'd say you've done very well, very well indeed.

What you had built for yourself is a solid foundation upon which your future and well being would be
established. Each of this foundation's pillars (Risks, struggles, victories, defeats, etc.)are strong enough to support whatever path you take from here on for whatever challenge there is to face or meet head on.

Your perspective of the world,and your concept of what kind of community will define the rest of your life are on the surface of your consciousness. Continuing with the same pattern for some or all of what you have done the past decade will firmly place these perspectives deeper and deeper into your sub-conscious until it truly determines all actions that you take without any conscious thought nor effort.

There will still be choices to make as you test the selected concepts through experience, but most of the desired elements are already in place.

Not very many people, even from those you've known all your life have the experience you got at such an early age, simply because few take risks and are more inclined towards the comfort zones of the

My congratulations to you on a successful decade. I know you're well on your way to more successful decades ahead, despite the persistence of petty struggles in the present. All these petty things would be laughable within a decade or less, as long as you maintain your balance, your eye on the future, your nose for new developments, your intellectual growth, and your feet planted firmly on the ground.

Take care always. I love you very much.

Al Papacino

Unknown said...

Hi Denise,

Do you have an email we can contact you with? We're interested to work with you for our summer issue. Thanks!

Monique, TRAVEL Magazine

Denise Nicole said...

Hello Monique,

You can reach me by email at:
Thank you for dropping by! :)

Mewi Wose said...

nice post. i was looking forward to having the same adventure on my 20's like you had and be fulfilled when i reach 30.

Regine said...

Very well written :)

Belated happy birthday to you! Wishing you the best life has to offer! Keep up the good work! Such quality reads!