Thursday, March 27, 2014


I don't like backlogs. There have been so many stories I wanted to tell, and haven't. Unfortunately 2013 wasn't a very nice year for me. So many downs versus ups. You could say that everything took a beating; my health, my heart especially my wallet.

But hey, it's 2014 (it's been 2014 for 3 months now, hehe) and I finally find the time to sit down and update my millions of readers as to what's been going on! 
I'm kidding, I don't have millions of readers, I probably don't have a single one anymore. But I'm giving an update anyway, because like I said, backlogs stress me out, so this is for my own sanity. 
So... to make long stories short, a quick run through of the significant events of the past year: 

First of all, early last year my youngest sister Monique moved to the island too. 

Fresh out of the airport!

Back when she had her pale, pasty, city girl complexion :P


Then Arnaud and I went on our first out-of-the-country trip together.

We went to Thailand and were there in time for the Songkran Festival.

We went to Bangkok, met up with my old friends and had a REALLY good cup of coffee. 

We took a sleeper train to Chiang Mai. :)

We had a nice and scenic Songkran in Pai

and a huge and wild one in Chiang Mai

Then Arnaud flew back to France and I to Manila.


Monique and I got Dengue Fever.
We had to go to Antique and spend a few days in the hospital.
And I had to move out of my pretty yet mosquito-infested kubo.

Monique and I moved in together to a new place.

A few weeks later, we got robbed.
My laptop, camera, phone, our Ipods, wallet and bags
were taken while we were asleep.

I start over.
And become even more grateful for the love of my family and friends.


Arnaud returned and things felt a bit better. :)

We decided to move in together.

We went as Waldo and Wenda for Halloween.
(Our mermaid friend, Pauline "finds" us)

I went home to spend Christmas with my crazy family. 
My dad gave me a new camera. 

Back in the island, we had an awesome New Year's Eve party until sunrise.

I turned a year older and celebrated with a kiddie party.
photo from renegadeloverrr


Arnaud flew back to France. Monique got darker and I moved a couple of times to my present single studio again. Phew! There, no more backlogs! Although, I feel that the Thailand trip deserves a post of it's own.

For now, we'll see where this blog goes. I admit it's hard to find its relevance with the existence of Facebook and Instagram BUT, I like telling stories, and nothing beats blogging for that. :)

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