Friday, March 28, 2014

I Feel Good, Na-na na-na na-na na!

Today I ran into an old neighbor. Someone I haven't seen in over a year. "You look good!" She said. People say things like this to be polite. So I said thank you and complimented her too.  A bit of chit chat and then she starts to walk away. She looks back at me, smiles and says: "You look younger."

That's just what I needed to hear! I was suddenly propelled into doing that thing which I've been procrastinating on. Loading up on fruit and veggies! So I headed to the market, bought my ingredients and made myself one of these:

It's a green smoothie. With spinach, banana, pineapple & strawberries in coconut water. :)

If you want to try making one, they've got a simple formula for beginners here:

Oh and if you freeze your fruits, you don't need ice. This can be a nice, healthy alternative to a choco milkshake when you're looking to survive the hot summer weather. Or you can add a little rum for happy hour! Just kidding!

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