Monday, June 09, 2014

Kasalang Jay & Thea (The Wedding of Jay & Thea)

"What time is it?"
"Quarter to 6."
"What time is the wedding?"
"Good job!"
*Nervous laugh*

The sun was setting and we were stuck in a bottleneck traffic situation along Sumulong Highway on the way to my sister's wedding. Unfortunately the Tolentino trait of always being early if not on time was not going to happen today, of all days. In the car our Mom shifted nervously, the rest of us (Ate Data who came home all the way from the US, Monique and I who came home from Boracay), well we just had to make fun of the situation. There was really no point in stressing, but we knew we couldn't be late, we had after all, another person in the car... the bride.
Jay & Thea's "Anti-Pre Nup" more photos here.

I checked on her from the passenger seat and saw her smiling, beaming, calm. I think we all knew that no matter what time we arrived, it was going to be an awesome night.

I knew it from the moment it was conceptualized - a wedding of two musical souls who love good food and have great taste for the rustic and vintage? There wasn't even a need for a theme! They were the theme, and that's what made it so unique.

I arrived a few days early to urge them to do a shoot we later nicknamed the "anti-prenup shoot"- so called because they didn't like the idea of posing and dressing up. Instead, they allowed me to document them one afternoon in their home. The result was to me even more beautiful because it was sincere and natural. I encourage other couples to do the same. You can check the photos here.

As for the wedding night, we arrived in the nick of time and well, I'll let the video speak for itself. :)

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Thea Tolentino said...

awwww. :) mismo. :) Thank you, thank you thank you! Really, we couldn't thank you enough. None of these would have been possible if it weren't for YOU and the rest of our family. :D