Tuesday, June 10, 2014

C'est Possible

Louvre-in it! The interiors of the 2Go ferry on the Boracay - Batangas Route

The people at the ferry port recognize me. That's kind of remarkable because there's probably thousands of tourists and residents that pass by everyday. I guess that's how often they've seen me the past month. April has been hectic. I've gone back and forth to Manila to take care of my Schengen visa application on top of a demanding work schedule and a big family event.

It isn't easy putting official papers together and making them convincing enough for judgmental French eyes. First of all, I'm a freelancer; second, I'm single; and third, I unfortunately, am from a third world country where it's almost automatically a disadvantage for opportunities like this.

Let's see - no permanent job or employer, no husband or kids to come back too and a third-world citizen... my chances seemed as slim as a French mustache. I had desperate thoughts of showing up to my interview in a striped shirt and beret while waving a baguette.

But, there were signs. I came home to my mom wearing a shirt that said "Je t'aime" - where she got it, I don't know; suddenly all the movies on TV are set in France; the Eiffel Tower designs on trinkets and knick knacks in various shops; the ferry I rode where they had massive wallpapers of Paris sights... France was just everywhere.

My little coffee corner with a red plastic Eiffel Tower
it was given by a friend to remind me of my goal

We walk into a crepe shop and see this: a massive map of old Brittany - Arnaud's area in France

Was the universe telling me it's going to happen? Or was this the universe's way of reminding me not to give up?

Whatever it was, I acknowledged it. Visiting France was one of the big goals I set for this year. And even though it was sometimes easier to forget about it and spend my time and money on other things, I was reminded of this thing called integrity - where you do what you say, even when it gets really, really tough.

I may tell my application experience in another post. But for now, let me tell you this (it's not original but it's true): It works to have a goal and it helps to pay attention to the signs. But most important is to not give up too easily. Persistence and work - that's how the impossible happens.

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Data Tolentino-Canlas said...

i know that t-shirt Mama was wearing! sort of an apple green with a red heart. that was mine (data mine-ing) and i gave it to her a long time ago. :) yey! i contributed! a bit! yey!