Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Only Good Vibes

Ever get that feeling of walking into a store and wanting everything in it? It can be fun, but sometimes it can feel paralyzing to have so many options. When this happens to me, I usually walk out not buying anything. Indecisiveness, what a bitch.

Well, this is the same feeling you might get from visiting With THOUSANDS of artists, each with their own gallery of art pieces, you may find yourself lost and overwhelmed. Honestly, you might think, "ain't nobody got time for that!"

Ahem. I do, actually. And I really don't mind rummaging or sifting through heaps of illustrations, typography or designs. So, I've decided to curate some of the most interesting works I've seen on Society6 and share them here. This is a way for me to help other artists get exposed, a way to collect works that inspire or delight me, and a way to share even more cool images with those who appreciate them.

Aaaaand, out of my own OCD, I've decided to do it by theme. So to begin, I've created a collection of works that radiate:
Only Good Vibes.

Palm trees + water + hand-drawn style
This print will look cute in any home.
Good Vibes by Mason Denaro

Because I love simple and playful black and white illustrations.
It's O.K. by DR Clothing Co.

When I read this line, I imagine a surfer dude with the typical lazy, raspy voice saying this with a big smile while tucking his sun-bleached hair behind his ears. So much good vibes. :)
High Fives & Floating Vibes by Ocean Ave // Lettering and Design

If you like to keep a tidy and modern looking place but have that tropical vibe, I think this lovely print would be a good match. 
Good Vibes by Bloombw

I'm also so attracted to geometric designs. This one though pink and feminine (which isn't really my style)is actually very cool.
Good Vibes Geometric by Mmartabc

You can't frame the sun, but you can frame this charming and cheerful print.

How can you not smile when you are greeted by this? :)

Hello Sunshine Gold by Terralogy

'Nuff said. Haha! This is ultimate hippie, good vibes.
Pyramid Scheme by Wharton

Brightness peaking out of dark clouds. Perfect for a kid's room or for a kid at heart. 
Stay Positive, Stay Happy by Alba Blazquez

Wise words, if you ask me. Hand-drawn is just my type. (Get it? :D)

Printable Quote , It's A Good Day to Have a Good Day by AlexTypography

What are those? Kittens? Bunnies? All sorts of cute creatures spilling out of coffee? Sold.
Good Day by Myrakins

Because good vibes are not only for the day. I like the cartoony and storybook feel of this one too.
Good Vibes V.2 by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo

To view the whole collection and order any one of these prints, click on the link below. :)

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