Sunday, January 08, 2017

Marshall Monday: Surprise!

You know what I think is fun? Birthday surprises. I look forward to a few of them every year. For this special occasion though, I changed the rules a bit. This time, I did the surprising.

I haven't seen Marshall in 4 years. So imagine his excitement when I suddenly showed up to whisk him away to another island for my birthday trip! I swear if he could talk, this is what he actually said:

"Watdafuuuuu...! YOU'RE HERE!
You're here and taking me to the beach?!!
And my dad is in on this? YOU GUYS!

Or something like that.

So anyway, here's how the surprise adventure has gone so far.

Marshall at Daanbantayan port trying to contain his excitement.

Marshall on the small boat.

Marshall on the big boat.

Finally, Malapascua Island. :) Taking a walk down the beach path.

We checked into this cool dive shop and hostel.

Where he likes gazing out over the street and at the beach.

We had some breakfast muffins

and fun beach time.

Marshall played ball with the locals

and made more friends.

Plus, lots of chill time with his entourage.

It's definitely been such a treat hanging out with the Marshmallow again.   Not to mention spending time in this charming little island. Turns out, surprising friends on your birthday is a super idea. Especially sweet, cuddly, 4-legged ones who are stoked to see you after a painfully long time. ♥♥♥

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